Xilinx Launches Public Access of the SDSoC Development Environment to Expand Zynq SoC User Base to Broad Community of Systems and Software Engineers

Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) today announced the public access release of the SDSoC™ development environment to expand the user base of Zynq® SoCs and MPSoCs to a broad community of systems and software engineers.   The SDSoC development environment, a member of the SDx™ family, includes expanded library, board, and design services ecosystem support, enabling embedded C/C++ application development. This public access release also features enhancements to the integrated design environment (IDE) for ease of programming and platform development.

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Expanded Library, Board, and Services Ecosystem Support
Building on the March 2015 SDSoC development environment launch, Xilinx has qualified new Alliance Members offering boards, system-on-modules (SoMs), libraries, and design services. Over 15 qualified boards and SoMs are available, covering machine vision, ADAS, and software-defined radio applications. Additionally, Xilinx and its library partners provide library functions including OpenCV, linear algebra, and signal processing.  Xilinx has also expanded its ecosystem with 8 additional qualified design services members to enable design teams around the world to leverage the potential of All Programmable SoCs and MPSoCs.

SDSoC Development Environment Enhancements
The SDSoC development environment 2015.2 release supports enhanced flows for hardware/software partitioning, system connectivity exploration, and rapid performance estimation with increased accuracy in its IDE.  The release also enhances platform creation flows, allowing users to seamlessly convert existing Vivado® Design Suite and run-time software projects for a custom board into an SDSoC custom platform.  "The Xilinx SDSoC development environment enables us to fully leverage heterogeneous multi-processing with Xilinx All Programmable SoCs and MPSoCs by combining our HDL-based logicBRICKS IP cores and our C/C++ implemented advanced vision processing algorithms within a single familiar framework," said Davor Kovacec, founder and CEO of Xylon, a Xilinx Premier IP Alliance Member. "Now we can supply nearly completed and reusable SoC solutions for Automotive and Machine Vision applications to our customers without deep FPGA expertise, and allow customers to easily and quickly add their own code, configure, prototype and optimize complete Smart Vision systems."

"The Xilinx SDSoC environment is a well-integrated, seamless C/C++ level design environment allowing traditional C/C++ embedded customers to design and deploy next generation heterogeneous systems with Xilinx Zynq SoCs and MPSoCs," said Dr. Steven H. VanderLeest, COO of DornerWorks.  "As a Xilinx Premier Design Service Alliance Member, DornerWorks sees great opportunities in servicing both the FPGA savvy customers adopting the C/C++ design methodology as well as C/C++ based software developers without much FPGA experience. With strong product expertise in FPGA, IP, embedded software, and regulatory compliance certifications, we are excited about the new customer base the SDSoC technology opens up, and looking forward to providing our unique value-added services and solutions to new and existing customers."

"The SDSoC development environment not only significantly boosts the productivity of existing Zynq users, but also opens up new market opportunities through a complete software development approach," said Vidya Rajagopalan, vice president, Processing, Systems, Software and Applications Group, Xilinx. "We have been working with many early access customers and partners over the past few years, and we now look forward to the expanded user base generated by the public access release."

The SDSoC development environment 2015.2 is available now with support for Zynq All Programmable SoCs. To purchase the SDSoC environment and jumpstart development with available boards, libraries and design services, visit

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